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The FFX Lottery is the place where you have the chance to win FFX$ once per hour. A lottery ticket costs 50 FFX$ and with a little bit of luck, you will win the "Jackpot" listed below. The chances to win are 1:10. The Jackpot consists of the amount of FFX$ that members have lost previously, minus a 10 FFX$ fee per ticket.

Jackpot: 740 FFX$

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Recent Winners

Winner FFX$ Amount Date
RadillacVIII 580 FFX$ 2013-05-06
RadillacVIII 620 FFX$ 2013-04-24
fROMOHIO 500 FFX$ 2013-04-09
PHD 1700 FFX$ 2013-03-27
HiPcavallo 700 FFX$ 2013-03-15
RadillacVIII 260 FFX$ 2013-03-13
fROMOHIO 300 FFX$ 2013-03-13
Saylor 260 FFX$ 2013-03-11
MissNinja 2020 FFX$ 2013-03-11
ENlighten 180 FFX$ 2013-03-08