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  2. Was just randomly thinking about my old(shitty) GFX days. Can't believe this forum is up. Crazy to see some names I recognize.
  3. is this some sort of trickery?
  4. This is legendary good work basil!! what a throwback
  5. Basil


    These are all amazing bud! Thanks for posting them up!!
  6. gerry adams


  7. gerry adams


  8. gerry adams


  9. Went by Astro, am now a graphic designer or professional fraud or whatever same thing but I still try to keep up on hobby art to keep myself sane
  10. Hi there, my name is Dustin. I was formerly known as electro. I started tagging when I was 12 or so; I very rarely make tags now but I do enjoy occasionally working on unfinished things I have. Now, I am 20; I am currently a sophomore in college pursuing a BSc in Microbiology with a minor in Pharmacology & Toxicology. I am curious to see what the revival of this site brings; it really is the only active forum for tagging, etc.
  11. Finn here, maybe was finnianm back on FFX? Great to see a lot of familiar names 🙂 FFX and the other forums were actually huge helps to my career. I learned PS and composition rules way earlier than other people in my profession because of these forums. Right now I work as a concept artist in the game and film industry, painting and designing things like spaceships, scifi/fantasty environments, character designs, vehicles etc in Los angeles. Mostly in film but in games here and there, worked on the new god of war, plus a bunch of EA games that will release in the future. BTW we started a discord server for tagging a while back, has about 100 users and team battles if anyone wants to join you are welcome 🙂 https://discord.gg/Py96xCr
  12. Hellraid

    Cynical Blues

    That's oddly strangem oh well. Nice to see some art again
  13. wow it's nice that ffx is back:)i miss this place...
  14. Basil

    Cynical Blues

    The person went by the name JohannesNH. Problem is their DeviantArt page was deactivated.
  15. Good to see more familiar faces joining in!!!
  16. Got a live tagging community on discord with people from tagfreak https://discord.gg/Py96xCr
  17. I'll do some every now and then. Worked as a fulltime photographer for many years but after that i kind of put art on the shelf. I do paint warhammer occasionally though.
  18. Love hearing the stories! Keith here - the folks that were around pre-Basil may remember me 🙂 Awesome blast from the past using Wayback machine to review my old profile...heh. --> https://web.archive.org/web/20100613210815/http://www.fringefx.net/forums/index.php?/user/1-keith/ Doing design work professionally, but on the app/web-app design and development front (through a services business). Awesome to see how Fringe made an impact on folks, and that some of y'all are still sticking with the hobby! Basil - great call registering the domain and getting a IPB installation back up. Cool to see what everyone is up to - so thanks for doing that! Cheers, Keith
  19. Hellraid

    Cynical Blues

    That looks interesting. Any idea who created it?
  20. Basil

    Cynical Blues

    Some artwork that was posted to the FringeFX DeviantArt account!
  21. Very nice initiative. I think it'll come in handy!
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