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    I'll do some every now and then. Worked as a fulltime photographer for many years but after that i kind of put art on the shelf. I do paint warhammer occasionally though.
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    Love hearing the stories! Keith here - the folks that were around pre-Basil may remember me 🙂 Awesome blast from the past using Wayback machine to review my old profile...heh. --> https://web.archive.org/web/20100613210815/http://www.fringefx.net/forums/index.php?/user/1-keith/ Doing design work professionally, but on the app/web-app design and development front (through a services business). Awesome to see how Fringe made an impact on folks, and that some of y'all are still sticking with the hobby! Basil - great call registering the domain and getting a IPB installation back up. Cool to see what everyone is up to - so thanks for doing that! Cheers, Keith
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    Been a long long time since I fired up Photoshop. After Fringe declined back in the day, I continued to spend more of my time on tumblr and made edits and gifs. Fun times. But I steered away from that after a few years. School began to require more time and dedication. I now have a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and am a Registered Nurse! I miss joking around and seeing lovely art. And having a close connection/friendship with the artists. "My friend made that" was always such a proud feeling 😉!
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    I'm still involved in the art and design to a degree. I started a video game studio and still do art personally and professionally. Not so much old school "gfx" these days but I still think about tagging and whatnot quite frequently. I'm still totally interested in seeing what people come up with and fringe definitely inspired me to remain interested in art in general.
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    I was merely a youngin back then. Finished school and enlisted in the Army. Nearly 7 years in and still cranking out art as a hobby while I serve on active duty.
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    I'm into CS Engineering so no art or gfx involved. Though, I stayed somewhat active (on and off for like a year at a time) in the graphics section of a site I used to frequent but stopped in 2016. I still use some of my PS skills though, which is nice. People are always surprised.
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    Went to college got a mechanical engineering degree to focus on mechanical design. Dont do graphics anymore but but I sure do miss it
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