Moment Lens vs DSLR

Moment Lens vs DSLR – A Serious Comparison

Unless you’re a complete DSLR beginner, you’ve seen how popular mobile phone are for taking pictures. When we then factor in addons on, such as phone photography kits, and how portable they are, you might wonder; why even bother with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera? 

Moment Lens is arguably the most familiar phone photography kits on the market today. Not only do they boast one of the larger selections of lenses (tele, wide, photo, just to name a few) they also have their own app that gives users more control on the phones, beyond what the device gives you. 

But are we at a point where phones + photography kits are just as good as professional grade equipment? We dive into this and pit Moment Lens vs DSLR-grade cameras for the ultimate showdown.

Moment Lens vs DSLR

Moment Lens vs DSLR


It’s obvious that Moment Lens will be more portable than DSLR’s. You already carry your phone everywhere, so adding a few circular lenses won’t hurt. However, as you’re not needing too large of a lens, mirrorless cameras can be portable. Take for example the Sony A6000 series:

With the base 16-50mm, you’re only looking at half a pound in weight. Sure, it may not fit in your pocket, but to say it isn’t portable wouldn’t be true either.

Image Quality

There is no comparison. DSLRs will still produce much higher quality images than any Moment Lens. Even if you’re fitting the lens with a high-end phone camera like the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S10, it still won’t cut it. This is the time you need to ask yourself: what is your photography aim? If you’re just an enthusiast looking for stellar photos for your Instagram account, then the extra portability will make up for the lack of quality.

However, if you’re planning on taking some photos to add to your portfolio, the extra clunk of a DSLR will have to do.

Nathan Malishev of Medium did a side-by-side comparison of pictures taken on his DSLR vs his Moment Lens. For the amateur, the difference might be minute. But for the professional in the making, it could make all the difference.


We’ll go back to our Sony A6100 and compare the base model with the 16-50mm lens to tele and wide lens of Moment. We’ll add the Moment case since you cannot use the lenses unless you have one. To make things even fairer, we’ll also add the Moment strap.

Sony A6100 With 16-50mm Lens and Strap

Total: $600

Moment Tele + Wide + Case + Strap

Moment Tele Lens: $120
Moment Wide Lens: $120
Moment Phone Case: $50
Moment Strap: $30

Total: $320

Let’s talk about this for a second. Sure, $320 is less than $600 (duh), but not that far off. We just chose the Sony A6100 for this comparison, but there are plenty of DSLR or mirrorless cameras online and on eBay for cheaper than this.

Moment Lens vs DSLR: Final Verdict

Moment Lenses are nice, but they aren’t replacing heavy-duty photography equipment anytime soon. I see them as a nice complement to your gear collection, or a great way to upgrade the ‘Gram game. But they can’t compete to the quality and versatility of a DSLR.

Perhaps one day, phone photography kits will be able to match the quality of DSLRs, but that day hasn’t come yet.