Photography Tips for DSLR Beginners

Photography Tips for DSLR Beginners

Are you looking to jump into the world of photography but are not sure where to start? Do you find gorgeous Instagram grids and think to yourself; “wow! I want to do this!”? Or, perhaps, you simply love the idea of owning your own business and being paid to take pictures?

No matter what the case is, we all have to start somewhere!

In this series, I will walk you through my entire journey and provide you with tips & suggestions for your very own start to DSLR’s and photography!


Photography Tips for DSLR Beginners

How did you start your journey?

I started wanting to learn about DSLR’s and photography after having tons of fun creating Instagram shots with friends. At the time, I was using an iPhone 4, and I was continuously feeding my creativity.

It was decided right then and there that I wanted to pursue photography seriously as a passion & hobby (in hopes of one day making it into a business).

Being in High School at the time, I planted myself on my computer for an entire Summer, obsessively learning everything I needed to know about DSLR’s and photography before purchasing my first DSLR.

Photography Tips for DSLR Beginners

For my very first tip, I’d have to recommend you do the same! You will want to learn the basics of DSLR and photography so that you already know what to do and how to practice when you get your very own camera.

Maneuvering through the different screens, settings, and buttons on the camera itself could be overwhelming for a beginner as it is, but how would you know what to even buy?!

There are so many cameras, lenses, and gear available for purchase that it would behoove anyone to learn about what they are purchasing before pulling the trigger (no pun intended).

Tip 1 – Learn about photography, DSLR’s, and lenses before making any purchases.

Where do I even start learning?

I did not pay a single dime when learning about DSLR’s and photography. With the internet being the resource it is today, you can find everything you need for free on Google or Youtube. You just need a computer with a decent internet connection, and the drive & commitment to go through all of the material.

I’m sure there are inexpensive courses out there on platforms such as Udemy, however, I’d recommend against it. Unless you are the type of person who needs that push from a syllabus or professor, Youtube and Google will be just enough to teach you what you need to know!

I personally watched virtually every video, at the time, from Youtuber “FroKnowsPhoto”. A quirky fellow he is, with a huge afro to boot, he was able to provide all of the material I needed in a friendly & easy manner. To this day I go back to his Youtube channel to brush up on key concepts.

You don’t have to watch FroKnowsPhoto, though! There are so many free resources & channels out there, including this site, I’m confident you’ll find something (or someone) you’ll love learning from.

(Although, Fro’s videos are pretty great!)

Well, what are some things I should be focusing on learning?

I believe everyone should start with the fundamentals on how light is captured in a DSLR, thus creating the beautiful pictures we see on a daily basis:

  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Depth of Field
  • Focal Lengths
  • F-Stops
  • Megapixels
  • Light
  • Auto-focus
  • File Types

You can learn about these vital concepts here.

Next, I would have to suggest learning about actual best practices when taking a photo with a DSLR:

  • Composure (i.e Rule of Thirds)
  • Perspective
  • Lighting Conditions

Finally, learn about different camera bodies & lenses. Once you start becoming comfortable with these items, you can start researching other items such as flashes, tripods, filters, etc.

Photography Tips for DSLR Beginners: There’s so much to a photo!

Photography tips for DSLR beginners

Yes, exactly. It is not always as simple as clicking a button.

It cannot be emphasized enough the need to learn about cameras, photos, & lenses prior to getting started.

By following this one tip, you will find holding a camera less overwhelming and you’d be more confident in immersing yourself in photography. The last thing any aspiring photographer wants is to be overwhelmed & discouraged.

Also, realize that owning a DSLR doesn’t make or make or break the photographer. There are successful photographers who use their phone cameras, or phone photography kits. It’s all about learning the craft and perfecting it.

Until next time, friend.