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  1. Hey guys, I've taken the initiative and set up a Discord server for FFX. I was staff on FFX for quite a while until I eventually stepped down after disagreeing with the new ownership decisions way back when the forum went into decline. Of course I'm happy to pass privileges onto @Basil should he want that, too. See you there hopefully! https://discord.gg/PP6vAg2
  2. I'm still involved in the art and design to a degree. I started a video game studio and still do art personally and professionally. Not so much old school "gfx" these days but I still think about tagging and whatnot quite frequently. I'm still totally interested in seeing what people come up with and fringe definitely inspired me to remain interested in art in general.
  3. I've made a Discord server, which I think will work quite well for a "modern" reboot of Fringe. https://discord.gg/PP6vAg2
  4. Funny that I happened to just visit the old domain today to see what became of it. Time to rally the squad back together?
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